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Our Services

On this page you can see all the services available at our facilities both included in the booking of a game session or lesson, and for a fee.


App The Hub - for free

by registering on our website you will have the possibility to download a dedicated App, with which you can book your game sessions in the structure of your choice, your training lessons, participation in events and tournaments, buy sports products dedicated and interact with other members to organize meetings and matches.


Match service - for free

if you are in Zanzibar alone or with friends, but there are not enough players for any game session, you can contact us and we will organize your match with players of your level.


Player Service - for free

upon your arrival at one of the centers and after registration, included in your reservation you will have:

  • cooling towel to wipe off sweat;

  • 3 HEAD PRO S balls for playing


Racket Service - paid service

If you don't have your racket, you can rent it at our facilities.

Racket mod. beginner........................1 $ each session

Racket mod. advanced player..........3 $ each session

Racket mod. experienced player....4 $ each session


Shoes Service - paid service

if you do not have suitable shoes for the game, you can rent them upon arrival in one of the "The Hub" centers. Included in the rental, there will also be a pair of technical socks. The service is subject to a fee. Rental of shoes including socks is $ 3.


Virtual Umpire- for free

Fasten the new Referi Score smartwatch to your wrist. Integrated with the native app, you will be able to view player names, current score, current games and sets and update score live! 


Overgrip Service - paid service

if you need to replace the overgrip of your personal racquet, at all the facilities of "The Hub" you can buy Head overgrips and our staff will be able to replace it for the worn one. The cost of the service is $ 10 (overgrip included).


Beach Shoes Service - paid service

If you don't have your Beach Shoes, you can rent it at our facilities with 1 $ each session


Balls Repressurisation Service

After each match, the balls are re-pressurised using a special machine. This procedure ensures the correct ball pressure every time the balls are used and improves playing performance.


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